And you need office furniture that can keep pace.

flux space was designed with the future of work in mind. All our designs have two elements.

Clever to make your space flexible, fluid and future-proof. And great-looking to inspire you and make work a happier place to be. Tick, tick.

Furniture is in our blood.

The smell of sawdust in our parents’ furniture factory is one of our earliest memories. Since then, we’ve had a love affair with furniture that just won’t quit.

With over 25 years experience in design, installation, and space planning, we bring a knowledge of furniture from every angle. 

We take our materials personally.

We don’t ship containers en masse from a factory unseen. Whenever possible, we use Australian suppliers and manufacturers with an eco stance. We like to visit our suppliers in person, feeling the materials in our hands – supple fabrics, cool metals, fine-grained wood – sometimes over a cup of coffee. 

Throw-out culture makes us feel icky. 

While cheap fixes can do in a pinch, our finely-crafted pieces stand the test of time. Even better? Investing now works out better value in the long-run – rather than replacing that shoddy chair every few years. Less stuff in landfill, more cash in your pocket. It’s a win-win.

Great furniture is more than the sum of its parts.

It’s the story behind it. The great designers. The creative makers. The pride in the finished product. When you buy from flux space, you’re supporting Australian business and sustainable practice – and helping revive, grow and support our Australian manufacturing industry.