Imagine a space that’s a total expression of you. Your workplace shouldn’t just be a place you grudgingly put in the hours. It should be a space of creativity and inspiration. An extension of your company, and a reflection of its vision and values. 

So let’s make it as one-of-a-kind as you.

At flux space we love to design and manufacture custom made furniture. Choose the timbers, finishes, fabrics and colours to suit your space, style and budget. Then we’ll make our magic. 

You can trust we’ll use Australian made materials wherever possible, from trusted names like Dulux, Laminex, Capral Aluminium and Dunlop Foams. You can also count on us to manufacture the pieces under exacting, sustainable standards.

What’s more satisfying: enjoying a custom piece made just for you, or knowing your purchasing power is doing good? We vote both.