ARC-H LD wireless charger


The ARC H LD sub surface wireless charger offers the ultimate in charging convenience. Designed with a charging range of (20-25mm)*, ARC H LD can be installed without the need to cut into work surfaces.

OE’s patented design uses a resonant coil to focus the energy field and provide maximum efficiency and the fastest possible charging speeds. ARC H LD is available in Basalt Grey (under surface) with a Basalt Grey resonator pad or an Off-White resonator pad.

*Surfaces thicker than 25mm require OE’s electronic alignment tool, enquire for more information.

Fast charge Samsung (10W) Apple (7.5W)

With 15W of charging power ARC-H LD is one of the fastest sub surface wireless chargers on the market, convenient for a full charge or a quick boost when you need it most.

Quick and Easy No Cut Installation

ARC-H LD is designed for the easiest of installations.  For surface thicknesses 20 mm to 25 mm there is a magnetic alignment card included in the box.  For surface thicknesses 26 mm to 50 mm a special alignment tool is necessary for accurate installation.  

ARC-H LD is supplied fully assembled with a three pin power point plug lead supplied.

The lead time guide on this product is: 5-7 working days.

Shop on-line now or contact us for any assembly (if applicable), special delivery / placement instructions or if you have a trade project or fit-out enquiry that you'd like help with.