OE Elsafe QikFIT Quad power outlet with 800mm lead and J Coupler


The QikFIT modular power series GPO has been designed to fit OE Elsafe floor boxes, table boxes, power rails and industry standard cutouts.  QikFIT power, data and AV modules will also simply click into OE Elsafe’s Prodigy cable basket for fast installation. QikFIT can also be fitted directly into screens up to 3mm thick or when using a Thick Panel Frame can be installed into panels from 3mm to 14mm thick.

QikFIT sockets are auto-switched for a clean look and efficient operation. The multi directional sockets on the 4 gang QikFIT allow for an array of chargers and plug packs to be used simultaneously. 

The QikFIT series comes with either soft wired installation couplers, allowing for quick and easy change and CHURN or a hard wired option which incorporates a cable with the OE Elsafe J-Coupler on the end.  The J-Coupler allows for power to pass through powering the QikFIT.

Stylish slim and sleek. QikFIT will complement any workspace or office environment.

QikFit is supplied fully assembled.

The lead time guide on this product is: 5-7 working days.

Shop on-line now or contact us for any assembly (if applicable), special delivery / placement instructions or if you have a trade project or fit-out enquiry that you'd like help with.