Humanscale Path office chair


Path chair - designed by Todd Bracher. "Path is not simply an exercise in aesthetics or an assembly of pre-existing components, rather it is ground up mechanical invention, material innovation, coupled with next-level sustainability."

The world's most sustainable task chair and a chair designed for every body. Designed to adjust to your body as if it were made for you.

Here at flux space, we LOVE this chair. 

Each Path contains a patented Gravity MechanismTM that uses bodyweight rather than bulky controls. As you sit, the mechanism engages. When you recline, it gently lifts, so your body becomes the natural counterbalance, and is firmly supported wherever it stops. This creates virtual pivot points that allow Path to move with you in complete harmony.

Equally as innovative as Path's design is its FormSense Eco KnitTM, a mesh-like textile made from upcycled plastic bottles that conforms to the body, providing self-adjusted lumbar support and a tailored fit to every user, regardless of height or weight.

Path represents a new generation of chairs, upcycling more plastic waste than any other chair in the industry. It's also our 26th climate positive product, giving back more to the planet than it takes each time it's made. No other company matches us in environmental stewardship. We have certifications across areas like: Healthy Materials, Material Transparency, Level® Certification and Sustainable Operations, to name a few.

– Incorporates nearly 22 pounds of recycled material, including fishing nets from the ocean, which is the most harmful form of pollution to our marine ecosystems
– Applying the innate laws of physics, instead of bulky levers and knobs, our Gravity MechanismTM provides automatic support as soon as someone sits in the chair, and even when they recline, simply by using the sitter’s weight to provide a custom sitting experience
– Free of Red List Chemicals, the “worst in class” materials, chemicals and elements that are hazardous to humans and our environment 
– Available in FormSense Eco KnitTM, anti-microbial Lotus fabric, and chrome-free leathers

– supports up to 135kg.
– warranty: textiles & mesh – five years of single shift use; all other components – 15 years.
– back: Form Sense Eco Knit fabric.  
– seat: Form Sense Eco Knit fabric.  
– standard hard casters, seat pan. 
– standard matching base. 
– individually boxed.
– weight: 19.0kg (34 lbs) with arms. 
– chair width 600mm arms / 533mm armless. 
– seat height range 420mm - 580mm. 
– base size 635mm. 

Path Task is supplied boxed ready for easy assembly.

The lead time guide on this product is: 5-7 working days ex stock or 25-30 working days indent order. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR AVAILABILITY.

Shop on-line now or contact us for any assembly (if applicable), special delivery / placement instructions or if you have a trade project or fit-out enquiry that you'd like help with.