Ollin monitor arm


What makes Ollin from Colebrook Bosson Saunders so special?

Ollin has the ability to accommodate weights from 0kg to 9kg. That covers all tablets, laptops and monitors and Ollin moves easily and precisely with finger tip control!

Ollin is also perfect for touch screens due to the ability to adjust low to the desk top with backwards tilt.

Spin your screen from landscape to portrait with ease as well. So Ollin moves exactly where you need it. Complete with cable management and a compact design for that minimalist look.

- Red Dot Design Award winner.
- perfect for all touch screens.
- perfect for all wide and ultra-wide curved screens.
- monitor weight range: 0 - 9kg.
- horizontal reach: 674mm.
- vertical adjustment: 346mm.
- monitor head: VESA 75 and 100 compliant.
- suitable for multi-screens, laptops and tablets.
- available in black or white.

- dual-bar mount.
- pull handle for the dual bar model.
- black or white finish.

Olin is supplied boxed ready for easy assembly.

The lead time guide on this product is: 5-7 working days.

Shop on-line now or contact us for any assembly (if applicable), special delivery / placement instructions or if you have a trade project or fit-out enquiry that you'd like help with.